Saba, International as an Organization


Saba, International was established  in 2009 by Tim and Cathy Woller after they completed a three-year assignment in Nairobi, Kenya with the United States Air Force.  During their three years in Kenya, the Wollers established close relationships with both The Nest Children's Home and New Dawn School.  They also hosted many visitors from the U.S., which formed the initial base of support.  It was important to provide for our donors a formal and lasting way to financially and prayerfully support these projects. By the grace of God, a way was made!

Our Board of Directors and Officers


Timothy Woller

President and Member of the Board since 2009

Organizations like The Nest and New Dawn are doing the work God calls all of us to do. While serving in the United States Air Force for three years, I had the opportunity to live in Nairobi, Kenya. God took that opportunity and showed me how I could fervently support The Nest and New Dawn. Saba, International was formed out of the commitment of a few to help the many in need of essential daily sustenance in East Africa. It is with humble exuberance that I gladly take on the work of Saba, International as a board member and president. Every single one of us can and will make a difference, and I pray that God will bless this endeavor to which he has called us to serve others.


Helen Kahl

Treasurer and Member of the Board since 2009

After visiting Kenya in 2007 and seeing the work being done on behalf of these children, my heart was encouraged to do more for them. Through Saba, International I am able to help by managing the donated funds and organizing fund-raising events. By receiving first-hand updates from New Dawn and The Nest regarding their needs, their victories, and their disappointments, I am then able to direct my prayers to specific needs and to encourage my circle of contacts to do the same.


Donna Woller

Member of the Board since 2011

I remember giving my daughter a piece of embroidery which read: “There are two special gifts we should give our children, one is roots; the other is wings.” Never would I have imagined that the “wings” my son obtained through the US Air Force would take him and his family to Nairobi, Kenya for a three-year period! My husband and I were blessed to travel and witness first-hand the challenges faced by people in other parts of the world. My visit to New Dawn and The Nest opened my eyes to opportunities I have serve. It’s only with God’s help that we can come forward with prayer and financial support on their behalf.

2 Corinthians 9:12--This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of the Lord’s people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God.


Scott Organ

Member of the Board since  2011

Scott Organ FamilyMy wife Cathy and I were blessed to adopt our twins, Micah & Faith, from the Nest and have a heart  for orphans.  Ever since I met Mary Adinda and the children of the slums of Kibera I've had a heart for the children of Africa.  I've see the many needs of these wonderful organizations and was felt called to help.  That is why I serve as a Board Member for Saba.  

Heather Neufeld

Member of the Board since 2009

Our family lived in Kenya from 2005-2007, while my husband taught at Rosslyn Academy in Nairobi. We were introduced to the Nest by colleagues who volunteered there. As a former neonatal intensive care nurse, stories of the Nest babies drew me as a nurse, and even more as a mom. We adopted our son Marius from The Nest, who was hand-chosen for us by director Irene Baumgartner. Upon returning to Canada in 2007, I missed being "hands and feet", being used by God in the simple ways that presented themselves easily in Kenya. When I was asked to be on the Board for Saba, International, it provided a new way to keep my heart beating for The Nest and New Dawn, and the beloved "Irenes" who direct these projects. For me, Saba, International is simply the people of God grasping one another's hands and not letting go across many miles. Heather is currently working to register Saba, International with the Canadian government.


Cathy Woller

Secretary since 2009

Founding and directing Saba, International has been an amazing journey with God. Leaving Kenya and our local partnership with The Nest and New Dawn was difficult because we had no way of knowing how we could keep that support and friendship alive. I had taught students at the school for two years, and that was perhaps the single most amazing experience of my life--to teach students so eager to learn. We had adopted a son from The Nest, and were so grateful for the determination and energy The Nest applies to fighting for justice for Kenya's children. I humbly praise God that He made a way for us to become Saba, International, because we see His loving hand at work every day!


Board of Directors Meetings

The board of directors meets annually in July in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin