Heather Neufeld

Member of the Board since 2009

Our family lived in Kenya from 2005-2007, while my husband taught at Rosslyn Academy in Nairobi. We were introduced to the Nest by colleagues who volunteered there. As a former neonatal intensive care nurse, stories of the Nest babies drew me as a nurse, and even more as a mom. We adopted our son Marius from The Nest, who was hand-chosen for us by director Irene Baumgartner. Upon returning to Canada in 2007, I missed being "hands and feet", being used by God in the simple ways that presented themselves easily in Kenya. When I was asked to be on the Board for Saba, International, it provided a new way to keep my heart beating for The Nest and New Dawn, and the beloved "Irenes" who direct these projects. For me, Saba, International is simply the people of God grasping one another's hands and not letting go across many miles. Heather is currently working to register Saba, International with the Canadian government.