New Dawn

Excellence in Learning

New Dawn aims to provide excellent secondary education to this under-served population of students by using the Kenyan national curriculum. The underlying emphasis is to develop Christian leaders and citizens through daily devotional times, weekly Bible studies and community service projects. Though the students and their families lack basic resources, they are highly motivated and know that secondary education is the first step to breaking the cycle of despair and poverty. As an additional step to fighting poverty, New Dawn assists its graduates in securing jobs and/or advanced educational opportunities.

Excellence in Teaching

The teaching staff is composed of 12 highly devoted Kenyans, four of whom helped start the school. Their wages do not yet match their ability or results, but they all feel called to serve at New Dawn, at great personal sacrifice. They all desire further training and education to enhance their effectiveness. Because the surrounding neighborhoods are very expensive, each teacher travels a great distance from home to school each day, and a large part of their salary and personal time is devoted to transportation.

$35 a month sponsors one student ($400 per year).


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Saba and New Dawn

Saba, International is pleased to partner with New Dawn. Together we have seen the hand of God at work, and labor with expectancy to see how He will prosper this rising star..