The Nest

The Nest devotes itself to support the unique educational needs of its transient population of children.
Prepared to Assist Every Child
No matter what the cost, the Nest does everything in its ability to provide education for the children in its care, because they recognize that the cycles of poverty and crime will rarely be broken without education. According to each child's age and level of education, the Nest has three choices of where to educate a child:
Boarding School
Children who are prepared to attend secondary school, and those who will be in life-long custody of the Nest attend boarding schools, and only return to the Nest during the three annual term breaks. Fees are paid by the Nest and range from $600-$1000 per child annually.
Primary School
Many children arrive at the Nest learning far below age-appropriate levels. The local primary school is unable to handle their needs. These children attend the education center that is operated by the Nest on an adjacent property, along with all other children grades 1-4. Primary-aged children grades 5-8 who are learning at age-appropriate levels walk to the local primary school in Limuru, and The Nest must supply them with a necessary school unifom.
A preschool classroom is staffed by a teacher and an assistant, and can serve about 20 preschoolers in a warm, creative environment.
Job Skills Training
The Nest is even supporting the Skills Training (techincal skills) of several young people in its care, so that they can provide for themselves when they become legal adults and are no longer in the care of the Nest.

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Saba and The Nest

Saba, International supports The Nest in their educational efforts. Pencils and paper, crayons, puzzles and books, teachers' salaries and school fees: all of these expenses are ways in which we can partner with The Nest for a brighter future for all their children!