The Nest, New Dawn and Bethel Outreach both feed large populations of staff and youth daily. Their diets are very basic, composed primarily of vegetables, maize, rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, grain porridge, tea and milk (chai). They would like to increase protein consumption, in order to strengthen undernourished bodies. Food budgets are stretched thin by the soaring cost of food in Kenya, and they compensate by growing vegetables on available land.

Growing Healthy Children at the Nest

The Nest feeds about 60 children and 30 staff members daily, and up to 100 children daily during school holidays. Growing healthy bones and teeth in small children requires calcium-rich milk. The baby formula cost exceeds $700 monthly. Cow's milk is purchased from a local Benedictine monastery, and the Nest raises a small herd of goats for milk. They also raise eggs from a hearty flock of chickens. 20-25% of the Nest's budget is committed to supporting nutrition.

Better Nutrition for Better Learning at New Dawn

New Dawn provides lunch for 150 students and 15 staff members daily. Lunch is primarily a stew of red beans, maize, potatoes, tomatoes and other vegetables, served with rice, which for students with sensitive stomachs is too harsh. For many students, the only meal they eat each day is at school. New Dawn dreams of expanding their feeding program to include:

breakfast (chai)
an early evening meal
an alternative meal for those with stomach problems

New Dawn has a greenhouse in which it grows vegetables, and a small herd of dairy cows which provide milk.

Feed the Body to Grow the Mind at Bethel Outreach School

Bethel provides both breakfast and lunch for the children each day. Most of these kids would have nothing else to eat all day. At times, Bethel has struggled to provide both meals, and during these times, the attendance drops off significantly. Saba, International's goal is to provides funds to keep the food on the table so that the children will keep coming to learn.


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