Finding Protection Under the Wing of the Nest

The Nest provides shelter and care for children whose mothers are imprisoned. Without the Nest many of these children would end up living on the streets. The Nest also provides custodial care for true orphans who are able to be adopted. The Nest operates two facilities:

  • The Nest, which houses toddlers and school-aged children in rural Limuru, Kenya.
  • The Half-way House in Nairobi, where women and children are re-integrated upon release from prison.

The babies are currently cared for in nursery at the Half-way House, but the construction of a dedicated baby nursery is underway.

Improved Shelter Yields Improved Learning at New Dawn

In August 2011, New Dawn opened two boarding facilites for about 40 young men and women. This is an answer to five years of prayer! Praise God!

Providing housing for the students offers the following benefits:

  • improved study and sleeping environment
  • reduced travel time to and from school
  • less vulnerable to assault
  • improved nutrition

Standing by in prayer at Bethel Outreach

Currently Bethel Outreach is unable to provide any kind of shelter for its students, though many of its students would benefit by having a more stable place to live. When Bethel is able to secure more land, their desire is to build some kind of housing structure for its most vulnerable students, children who have been orphaned by AIDS and violence.

Shelter Photos

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I long to dwell in your tent forever and take refuge in the shleter of your wings.

Psalm 61:4