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New Dawn

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New Dawn (founded in 2006) has two programs: the New Dawn Educational Centre and New Dawn Mentorship. The Educational Centre provides secondary school academic services, guidance & counselling services, and bible study services/spiritual nourishment. The Mentorship program supports materially vulnerable children from Huruma and Githigoro slum settlements, including lunch for all students.


Bethel Kibera School

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Bethel Kibera School (founded in 2006) began as a daycare centre in 2006 after realizing that many children, especially the ones living with HIV from birth to 4 years, were facing nutritional and other challenges. Since then, Bethel has grown to include a complete primary school: daycare, pre-school, and primary education. Bethel serves the community through the provision of food rations to the most underprivileged members of our community. Bethel also provides weekly mentorship sessions at our school for teenagers.


The Nest

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The Nest (founded in 1997) program reaches out to prevent the children of imprisoned mothers from fighting for survival on the streets. The Nest rescues affected children and improves their living conditions during the imprisonment of their mothers. The Nest rehabilitates and later reintegrates those children and their released mothers with their extended families and society at large.


The Hunter Initiative

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The hunter initiative is an organization that provides software development training to youth from low-income backgrounds, to boost their earning potential and uplift their communities.


Latest News

Bethel Kibera School Website

In the event that you have a very clear mission and don't have a website, you are missing out on extraordinary open doors for your mission. With so many interactions taking place online, a solid website is a must-have for nonprofit organizations. A well-designed website allows visitors to connect with and understand your mission. It's also an opportunity to engage potential donors and encourage them to support your cause. A website can be utilized to achieve a wide range of non-profit marketing strategies to increase awareness and raise money for the cause.

Saba International have sponsored a website creation for Bethel Kibera School, a non-profit organization based in Kibera Slum in Nairobi, Kenya. Read More

Our Story

Saba, International was established in 2009 by Tim and Cathy Woller after completing an assignment in Nairobi, Kenya with the United States Air Force. During their three years in Kenya, the Wollers established close relationships with The Nest Children's Home and New Dawn Educational Center. Bethel Outreach Children’s Center was a welcome addition in 2012. Saba, International is the conduit through which these organizations are sponsored.

Our Name

Saba: Saba is a hebrew word meaning to fill - upto overflowing

Meet Our Team

Tim Woller and Cathy Woller

Tim and Cathy Woller lived in Kenya from 2005-2008 while Tim served as a military attaché for the United States Air Force. We enjoyed the friendships thatwe formed with our neighbors in Nairobi--The Nest Children's Home and New Dawn Educational Center. By God's grace we were able to establish a charitableorganization in the U.S. in 2009 so that we could continue supporting these amazing organizations from afar. We feel deeply privileged and honored to leadSaba, International and to be 'Ambassadors' for the Nest, New Dawn and Bethel Kibera School. We thank God for the amazing network of donors that He hasraised up to partner with us in affirming His love for these precious communities in Kenya.

Scott Organ

Scott Organ joined the Board of Directors for Saba, International in 2011. Scott and his wife Cathy met Tim and Cathy Woller while living in Kenya. Scott and Cathy adopted twins from The Nest Children’s Home while living in Kenya. Upon returning to the US they decided to join forces with Tim and Cathy to continue support of The Nest, as well as New Dawn, and introduced Bethel Outreach to the Saba organization. It is their pleasure to serve and support Saba, International in it’s mission to uplift The Nest, New Dawn School, and Bethel Outreach School.

Ryan Shaw

Ryan Shaw had been hearing God's call to care for widows and orphans for a year when he met Tim and Cathy Woller in 2011. Through this new friendship, Ryan became a supporter of Saba, International and eventually a board member in 2015. Ryan is looking forward to making his first trip to Kenya soon to meet the incredible leaders, staff, and children at The Nest, New Dawn, and Bethel Outreach.

Sammy Tongoi


Helen Kahl

Helen Kahl became familiar with the needs of the children of Kenya and specifically New Dawn and the Nest back in 2007 before we visited our daughter Cathy, and her husband Tim in Nairobi. I was employed by our local public library and implored them to help set up a modest library for New Dawn. Traveling there and seeing those books lovingly placed in the humble school setting was a full circle moment. We delivered uniforms provided by our church women and cash from church members to the Nest. Witnessing what these efforts did to put smiles on the children’s faces, I was convinced God was asking me to continue to serve this ministry. I became Treasurer on the Board of Saba, International and have continued in that role ever since.

Samuel Chege

Software Engineer
Samuel Chege attended New Dawn High School from 2006 to 2010. He later joined Kenya Methodist University in 2012 and attained a degree in Business Information Technology with the help of Katherine Ward and Saba, International. Chege went back to New Dawn High School and volunteered as a computer teacher from 2017 to June 2018 as a way of giving back to the community. He was later offered to work with Obura Tongoi, founder of The Hunter Initiative with Obura as his mentor and now he's been working as a trainer in the Hunter Initiative providing software development skills to the Hunter Initiative students. Samuel is also working as a software engineer at Saba, International.

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